The Tree versus the Hen House

A challenge for a Swansea Tree Surgeon

In a straight forward battle between ‘the tree’ and ‘the hen house’, the tree would win hands down. In order to prevent the potential demolition of a very picturesque and perhaps more importantly the home to a fledgling number of hens, some rather delicate surgery was required.

Our client came to us with growing concern over a 70ft tree that was growing into a brick hen house that he had built for his chickens. The integrity of the building was being threatened by one of three main trunks that forked out. This surgical procedure was quite a challenging removal however our surgeons are skilled and trained to deal with this type of work safely.

Our client wanted to keep two of the three main trunks as they posed no threat and which incidentally provided a pleasant backdrop to the garden and was in fact very pleasing to the eye and also provided a natural habitat for wildlife.

Due to the complex nature of this project, a simple fell was out of the question. Protection of the building was the main priority and with that in mind we had to move safely but with purpose. To ensure the safety of the building in question we erected a scaffold surrounding the structure, then using an aerial approach, chainsaws, pole saws and hand tools were used alongside safety ropes and lowering lines to disassemble the tree. Our surgeons disassembled the 50ft limb from the crown down. It was dismembered safely and with no damage to the property whatsoever, the tree was processed on site and put through our chipper which was then donated free to a local farm.

The hens lived happily ever after…

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