The disappearing driveway

The beautiful lawns featured in the picture above are in fact a reclaimed driveway. The front of this 17th Century cottage was formerly a driveway which provided a looped entrance and exit.

After gaining an additional plot of land and access to the rear of the property, the owners decided to change the look of the frontage by creating a lawn bordered by flowers and shrubs.

The existing driveway was scraped to a depth of approximately six inches (150mm) and the spoil was used for reclamation at the rear of the property. In order to ensure adequate drainage we laid 100m perforated land drains along the full length of the lawn bed at 2.0M intervals.

The front wall was rebuilt to create an enclosed space accessible from the pathway adjacent to the front of the house.

We then laid foundations for dwarf walls to provide the framework for the flower and shrubbery borders. Following that we built the walls which provided the clearing for a lawn area measuring approximately 150M ². Having the framework in place we distributed ten tons of top soil across the area and then leveled using a dumpy level and range rods.

The lawn area was then rolled and seeded and following a period of growth we continued to roll, trim and feed until the lawn flourished to its current beauty.