Shrub Bed and Dry Wall

The image above is a beautiful image of a once run-down and infertile rockery which had been neglected for many years. Taking several days to re-shape the area we then removed approximately 2 tons of baron earth, weed and stone from the old rockery. We then raked out the old mortar from the stonework and re-pointed. Following that we refilled the space with fertilized earth and planted a variety of plants, flowers and shrubs which have subsequently blossomed. We now maintain this all year around.

The lawns, flower beds, boarders and trees are also maintained by our team with the utmost care.

The wall was laid in 2015 and the shrubs were planted shortly after, and now as you can see they have grown in to a beautiful feature which has undoubtedly enhanced the overall look of the grounds. Having our trained professionals on hand to provide you with expert advice, support and guidance will enable you to achieve picturesque features at very affordable prices.

Different plants obviously require different levels of attention and similarly there are many different pruning strategies that need to be adopted or carried out on different plants. The time of year this is carried out is critical as some plants can be more severely affected by the weather than others i.e. frosted to death, or contract disease if pruned in the growing season.

Here are some recommended suggestions:

  • Spring: flowering currant, Berberis, Forsythia, guelder rose.
  • Summer: Hebe, lavender, honeysuckle, elder
  • Autumn: Buddleja, heather, Hypericum, Fatsia
  • Winter: Mahonia, ivy, witch hazel, Sarcococca