Bamboo Removal

Four Seasons Garden Services based in Swansea,  South West Wales are a family business that specialise in all aspects of tree care, Bamboo Removal and garden maintenance.

Bamboo, an attractive ornamental garden plant was brought to Britain as an exotic garden plant in the early nineteenth century. Being an evergreen, woody hollow stemmed perennial, Bamboos are very desirable garden plants which are ideal as focal points or for adding structure to borders or adding privacy, as the green-screen material of choice for numerous gardeners.

If left to grow unhindered, because of it’s quick establishment rate and fast growth rate, Bamboos can become unsightly, spreading with shoots appearing anywhere in the garden, under paths and patios, even creeping into neighbouring property.

Bamboos are classed as either running or clump forming. Running bamboos are the most invasive, producing long rhizomes (an underground stem) that continuously puts out horizontal shoots, 2 to 5 inches below the surface that take root, spreading rampantly enabling the plant to colonise new areas if not contained. In some extreme cases, these rhizomes can spread over 15 feet in a season and provide the means to become an aggressive invader.  Clump-forming Bamboos grow in tight clumps, will not stray far from where you planted it but can grow out of control and become unslightly if left to grow with no maintenance.

With a little effort with regular maintenance, Bamboos can be kept looking good and prevented from becoming overgrown or a problem, causing damage in the garden.

Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly and fast Bamboo maintenance or Bamboo Removal service to all our customers whilst being cost effective and efficient. Four Seasons Gardening offers Bamboo Removal services, for customers over a wide area in South Wales, from Swansea, Morriston, Neath, Port Talbot, West Cross, Langland, Bishopston, Dunvant and everywhere inbetween.

If you need help removing Bamboo, or limiting Bamboo from spreading on your property, give us a call on 07497 685869 or email – we will be pleased to provide a free quotation for solving your Bamboo problem.